christophe Masutti



How may I connect to the repositories?

Two profiles can be used to connect the directories. Login and password were communicated by the Program Coordinator. The Steering Committee members have an access to Zone 1 and Zone 2 with the same login and password, while RNP members can connect only the Zone 2.

How downloading documents?

You can download documents by clicking on the small icon in the "Action" column (or by clicking on the file name)

How uploading documents?

This area is not a multi-access FTP server. However, if you have to share documents, please contact the Program Coordinator.

How sorting the files?

By default, files are sorting by name. You can change it by clicking on "name", "size" and "date".

index.php and style.css

These files are viewable because the php module is a web-based file browser : it browse all the folder and subfolder, that include these files in the root directory. You can read them, if you like...

Using Firefox is highly recommended